Text- and Datamining

Accessible content

The term text and data mining (TDM) covers algorithm-based methods for the automatic extraction of information from unstructured or only weakly structured text data (text mining) and/or structured data (data mining).

On this page you will find - sorted by content categories - resources for text and data mining, which are available through the licenses of the UB Bern and on the freely accessible web.


The resources and their access are subject to various legal and technical terms of use.  Consult these before automated access. In particular, for licensed content not listed here, automated access is often excluded and may result in the provider blocking access to the database. Contact us if you are unsure whether access is legal.

For scientific purposes, the copying and storage of lawfully accessible content associated with TDM methods are permitted by Swiss copyright law.

Your suggestions

You are welcome to suggest further data holdings for inclusion in the directory as well as for licensing.  For this, as well as for other questions regarding TDM use, please contact the responsible for Digital Scholarship at the UB.