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Our research platform swisscovery contains the holdings of the University of Bern, the PHBern and of about 500 Swiss libraries that are part of the SLSP network.

swisscovery: enhanced ordering options

The ordering process in swisscovery has been optimized now containing detailed information on the costs for services, copies being displayed according to cost effectiveness and fastest possible availability, pick-up locations are saved and the user account has been redesigned.

The expanded ordering options also mean, for example, that the detailed view of a medium is now divided into two areas:

  1. Pick up on site
  2. Further request options

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Search in swisscovery Bern University and PH Bern

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Universität und PH Bern

The search profile of the University and PH Bern contains all physical and electronic media offered by the University and PH Bern.


The search profile of swisscovery contains all physical and electronic media of the SLSP libraries as well as media of selected libraries of the Renouvaud network.

swisscovery plus

The search profile of swisscovery plus additionally contains print and electronic media held by SLSP libraries including records for media from the Renouvaud network that are not offered by any other SLSP library, as well as titles that can only be ordered via interlibrary loan.

  • Members of the university with a Campus Account can access the licensed online media of the university library worldwide. Any Internet access via Virtual Private Network (VPN) or SWITCHaai is suitable for this purpose.
  • The links to the licensed e-media are only displayed in the network of the University of Bern or PH Bern. Therefore, always activate the VPN client if you have an account at the University of Bern or the PHBern.
  • External users of swisscovery will not see the links because they do not have access to licensed e-media. However, they can of course access freely accessible online media (national licenses, open access) via swisscovery.


Old prints and rare books, maps, pictures and the bibliography of Bernese history can be searched in swisscollections.
All titles are also listed in swisscovery, but the search options in swisscollections are specifically geared to historical holdings and archival material.

With the implementation of extended ordering options in swisscovery, the most popular lending services of the University Library of Bern via swisscovery are free of charge for all UniBE employees:

  • Media delivery via nationwide SLSP-Courier
  • Media delivery by mail
  • Digital copy orders
  • Interlibrary loan orders

You are eligible for these new benefits if you use them at the UB Bern (e.g., couriers collect materials on the UB Bern campus) and if you have a correct registration. Make sure you order services from UB Bern as follows:

  • Media delivery by nationwide SLSP courier: Select «Further request options» to choose a UB Bern pick-up location.
  • Media delivery by mail:  Select «Pick up on site,» and then select «Mail order.»
  • To ordering digital copies: Select «Pick up on site» or copy order 
  • Make Interlibrary loan orders via Interlibrary Loan UB Bern

Other fee-based services of the University Library are not free for UNIBE employees (e.g., Scans EoD of historical holdings; for details see tariffs). Unfortunately, UNIBE employees are not exempt from overdue fines and replacement fees.