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On our research platform swisscovery you can search the holdings of the University of Bern, the PHBern and the 475 Swiss libraries that are members of the SLSP network.

Our how to-manuals show you the easiest way to do this.

Universität und PH Bern

Books, journals, e-books, e-journals, databases, historical prints and maps, scores and publications by researchers from Bern

UniBe und PH plus

Articles from scientific journals and e-journals, e-book chapters (based on the Central Discovery Index CDI).
The articles are either open access or freely available or licensed by the University of Bern and PHBern.

Access to the licensed full texts is usually available in the network of the University or PH Bern (on the campus or via VPN).


Holdings of all SLSP libraries and Central Discovery Index, CDI 

Members of the university with a Campus Account can access the licensed online media of the university library worldwide. Any Internet access via Virtual Private Network (VPN) or SWITCHaai is suitable for this purpose.

The links to the licensed e-media are only displayed in the network of the University of Bern or PH Bern. Therefore, always activate the VPN client if you have an account at the University of Bern or the PHBern.

External users of swisscovery will not see the links because they do not have access to licensed e-media. However, they can of course access freely accessible online media (national licenses, open access) via swisscovery.


Old prints and rare books, maps, pictures and the bibliography of Bernese history can be searched in swisscollections.
All titles are also listed in swisscovery, but the search options in swisscollections are specifically geared to historical holdings and archival material.