FAQ questions and answers on library and catalog


For to borrow media a (new) registration for swisscovery via SLSP registration platform is required. The registration is free of charge. If you have any questions regarding registration, please refer to the instructions, the FAQ or contact our staff via / +41 31 631 92 11.

In addition to the registration, a valid user ID is required to obtain the services. The former IDS user card and the UNICARD are still valid. You will receive a new user card after the new registration in your library.


Searching, Ordering, Collecting and Returning

On the cataloque swisscovery University and PH Bern you can choose whether you want to search in the collections of the University and PH Bern (including UPD, Inselspital and Swissmedic) or in the collections of all 475 libraries of the new SLSP network. These media can be ordered to Bern via SLSP-Courier for a fee. For most media of Bern University Library we also offer a free Bernese Courier.

Guideline on searching, ordering and reserving. More answers you find on our FAQ page.

If you order media from libraries involved in the Bern or SLSP courier scheme, you can collect these in any courier library and also return them to any courier library. Please return media from libraries not involved in the scheme directly to the library from which you borrowed them. Media can also be sent back to the library from where you picked them up, at one's own expense.


Loan period

The loan period of the media borrowed via swisscovery can be seen in the user account.

For further information, please refer to the regulations and the tariffs.