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Questions and answers on library and catalog you find on the page FAQ


  • To access media, you need to register for swisscovery via the SLSP registration platform.
  • Registration is free of charge.
  • If you have any questions about registration, please consult the instructions, the FAQ or contact our staff via / +41 31 684 92 11.
  • In addition to registration, a valid user card is also required to obtain services.
  • The former IDS user cards and the UNICARD are still valid.
  • You will receive new user cards after registration on site in your library.


Search, order, pick up and return

Research platform

  • The research platform swisscovery University and PH Bern includes the holdings of 495 libraries of the SLSP network.
  • The search can be limited to the holdings of the University and PH Bern (including UPD, Inselspital and Swissmedic).
  • Instructions for searching, borrowing and downloading can be found on our website. Answers to questions can also be found in our FAQ.

Order/pick up

  • The SLSP courier delivers media from SLSP courier library to Bern at a charge.
  • The free Bern courier applies to the majority of the holdings of the University Library of Bern.
  • You fetch open access holdings from the shelves yourself.
  • Media that you order to another location can be picked up there as soon as a pick-up notification has been sent.


  • Please return media from libraries that are not involved in the courier service directly to the library from which you took them.
  • This also applies to interlibrary loans that you have made via the University Library of Bern.
  • Media can also be returned at your own expense by post to the library from which you took them. 

Extending the loan period

  • The loan period of media borrowed via swisscovery is shown in the user account.
  • For further information, please refer to the regulations and the tariffs.