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Media release, 11. July 2023

Conversion of selected hybrid journals to fully Gold Open Access journals

Wiley Publishing informs that as part of their Open Access strategy selected hybrid journals will be converted into fully Gold Open Access journals. This has consequences for eligible members of the University of Bern, PH Bern and the Hospitals Insel and Tiefenau from the Insel Group: After the conversion period in July/August 2023, no further articles can be submitted to these journals under the current Read & Publish agreement with Wiley.

Articles submitted after this date ("Date of Conversion") can no longer be funded through this agreement. These journals are specifically identified in the title list and can be found here on Wileys’ website.

For peer-reviewed journal articles that appear in pure Open Access journals, an application can be submitted to the OA Publication Fund, provided that the APCs do not exceed CHF 2,500 (excl. VAT).

Further information:

  • On the Read and Publish agreement with Wiley can be found here.
  • For the offer of the OA Publication Fund of the University of Bern click here.
  • On Open Access in general is here, or contact the Open Access Team: openaccess@ub.unibe.ch