Open to everyone

Відкрита для всіх 

Університетська бібліотека та її послуги доступні усім, також людям з тимчасовим місцем проживання і біженцям. З реєстрацією на swisscovery ви також можете безкоштовно позичати книги в університетській бібліотеці. Також ви маєте доступ до пошукової станції та ліцензійні Інтернет-ресурси, доступних для бібліотеки.

The University Library of Bern and its services are open to all – including people with temporary residence permits and refugees. After registration on swisscovery, you can benefit from our services, most of them free of charge. You can also consult our online catalog terminals in order to access our electronic resources.

Registration for swisscovery is free for everyone, including people living abroad. If you indicate a foreign postal address, you will be assigned to the user group «foreign resident» or «border resident» (depending on the postal code) and have limited borrowing rights.

  • Refugees expected to be in Switzerland for more than one month are recommended to register with their current residential address in Switzerland (c/o addresses are allowed, e.g. refugee housing in order to be assigned to the user group «swiss resident» with full borrowing rights.
  • Refugees expected to stay in Switzerland less than one month are recommended to register using the residential address in their home country.

The SOB provides an extensive collection of literature on Ukraine, its history in past and present, as well as political, cultural and social developments. A small collection of course material with mainly digital introductory literature on the Ukrainian-Russian war can be found here.

The SOB carries almost two thousand volumes in Ukrainian; more works, including fiction, are located in the Unitobler library and in the University Library of Bern’s library stacks. These collections are constantly being expanded and complement our very extensive holdings in Russian.

Solidarity with Ukraine

The University Library joins the University of Bern in condemning the war against Ukraine and expresses its solidarity with the people of this country.

On the website of the University of Bern you find an overview of the present situation in Ukraine, of activities and services on the part of the university, and of information about further support available.