Kali Tal, PhD, curriculum designer, lecturer on scientific writing and related subjects, and scientific editor. She regularly teaches free workshops at the Library and courses integrated into University of Bern's Medical, Dental, and Pharmacy programs. External clients of the Library’s courses include the University of Basel and other Swiss educational and non-profit institutions. Dr. Tal is available as a scientific editor on a limited basis for researchers in medicine and the health sciences and can also design and teach scientific writing courses to meet the needs of your program or institute. She has consulted on and assisted in writing successful proposals for most types of SNSF and many EU grants. Please contact her directly for details on customized courses, scientific editing, and grant writing.

Dr. Tal’s own area of research is traumatic stress studies, and she is the author of a pioneering work in the field: Worlds of Hurt: The Literatures of Trauma (Cambridge U Press, 1995). She has been editing scientific papers and teaching at the University of Bern since 2011. In addition to her work at the Medical Library, she is affiliated with the Institute for Primary Health Care (BIHAM) as a scientific editor, grant writer, and qualitative researcher.