Dental Medicine

Opening hours

The Its services of the Dental Medicine Library are available to all interested persons.


  • Study places: 12 reading places, 4 carrels
  • Eight storage compartments reserved for members of zmk bern
  • Two computer workplaces, one search point
  • WLAN (network of the University of Bern)
  • Self-lending terminal
  • Multifunctional device (scanning in color, printing/copying in black and white)
  • Book scanner
  • Binding device (ring binders)


The conditions of borrowing and usage are based on the University Library Bern’s user regulations. A user account is required for borrowing.

Books may be borrowed for a period of four weeks. Borrowing restrictions apply to study literature, doctoral dissertations and color atlases (short-term loan of three days, no renewal). Journals may only be consulted on site.

The entire collections can be found in the Swisscovery catalog. The documents cannot be ordered online.

The collections of the Dental Medicine Library are freely accessible and borrowable for members of the School of Dental Medicine. Media may be borrowed via the self-lending terminal following one-time registration by the library staff. External individuals interested in borrowing should contact the library staff.

As a sub-library of the University Library Bern, the regulations of the Dental Medicine Library are essentially based on the regulations on the use and fees of the University Library Bern. Regulations on the use and fees of the Dental Medicine Library (Documents in German).

Introductory sessions

Introductory sessions to the library, training courses and support in subject-specific research for members of the School of Dental Medicine are provided on request. The consultation hours for students are every Friday from 11 a.m. to 12 noon.

Copy delivery service

The Dental Medicine Library offers support with article researches. Orders of copies from collections not available on site can be placed with the document delivery service of the vonRoll Library BvR.

Further informations

University Library Bern’s user regulations and fees.

The entire collection is in the swissbib Basel Bern catalog.

The selection of the library's collections is geared toward the needs of members of the institute and students at the University of Bern School of Dental Medicine (zmk bern). Our purchase priorities are decided by the Library Commission. Purchase requests can be submitted to library staff or to representatives of the Library Commission.

Library Commission

The Library Commission meets every three months to discuss new publications and current issues pertaining to the library's business. Each clinic of zmk bern is represented by a member. The clinic representatives are also consultants for the purchase of media in the specialist area of their clinic. In addition, one person from each study year is represented on the Library Commission in an advisory capacity.


The Dental Medicine Library offers a selection of around 5,000 books on various areas of dental medicine as well as a collection of doctoral theses of the University of Bern in dental medicine since 1925. The collections are categorized by subject group/shelfmark. Books on study literature, color atlases and doctoral theses are arranged separately.


The Dental Medicine Library has a large historic collection of journals and some current journal subscriptions that are largely available online.

Publications from the archive are made available on request. It is possible to scan individual articles on site. Publications stored externally can be requested as copies or viewed in the reading room of the vonRoll Library.


  • Shelves in the front area of the library: current volume
  • Shelves in the rear area of the library: last 20 volumes of frequently consulted publications.
  • Archive room: older volumes and publications less frequently consulted
  • vonRoll storage: older completed journals


Some medicine databases are subject to charge and must therefore be consulted within the network of the University of Bern. Members of the university can register externally via VPN connection.