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The Library of Exact Sciences is the sub-library of the University Library for the disciplines of mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics, astronomy and the philosophy of sciences. Alongside teaching staff, researchers and students, its services are available to the public at large. The entire collection is listed in swisscovery and largely available for borrowing.

Alongside teaching staff, researchers and students, our services are available to the public at large.



  • Information (Office111b opposite the library entrance). Opening hours: weekdays from 8:30 am until 12 noon and from 1:30 pm until 4 pm.
  • Loans and returns: only books from the Library of Exact Sciences - Registration for library account can be done here
  • Guided tours (Beginning of semester. A brief introduction for individuals is possible at any time)

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Library of Exact Sciences

In the Library of Exact Sciences about 68'000 books, about 70'000 volumes and issues of journals and 182 current journals and series are available. The entire collection is listed in swisscovery. In order to borrow books from the Library of Exact Sciences, you need to register here.

Reserve collections

Literature of relevance for lectures and seminars is compiled by the lecturers and made available to the students for viewing in the Library of Exact Sciences. The documents can be found on the first floor and are not available for borrowing.


The Library of Exact Sciences maintains archives of journals and monographs. Customers and members of the institutes served by the Library of Exact Sciences may order documents from the archives not available for lending for a short period from the library team.

Note concerning e-journals and databases

The use of electronic journals and databases is permitted to all members of the university. It is prohibited to download entire years, series or search results systematically, for instance with search engines. In addition, the directives concerning the use of IT resources of the University of Bern apply.

Special Collection Observatory Publications

In the archive the library stores a large historical interesting collection of observatory publications from all over the world.
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Radiographische Aufnahmen : ausgeführt mit Röntgenschen Strahlen im Physikalischen Institut der Universität Bern von Aime Forster, Physikalisches Institut der Universität Bern 1896
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Acquisition suggestion

Please send your acquisition suggestion for the Library of Exact Sciences by email.

The Exact Sciences building is located at the site of the former Urania Observatory and later Tellurian Observatory (Physics Institute). The fundamental point for the Swiss national system of coordinates, the so-called zero point of Switzerland, can be found in one of the atriums. Between 1959 and 1963 the Albert Einstein Ludwig Schläfli Institute of Exact Sciences was created and extended in 1972/74 to the south and east. During the years 1992 and 1993, the inner courtyard of the building was converted into the Library of Exact Sciences and the institute libraries for mathematics, statistics, physics and astronomy were merged. In 2014 the Library of the Institute of Computer Science was integrated.

Altes Physikalisches Institut mit Sternwarte am Ort des heutigen Gebäudes Exakte Wissenschaften
Old Institute of Physics with Observatory, constructed 1876/77.

Exhibition in the ExWi library

In our new showcase exhibition in the Library of Exact Sciences, you can discover more about life and research in the Antarctic, the current ice core drilling project of the University of Bern, and the historical development of climate and ice research at the university and its pioneer, Hans Oeschger.

January – August 2024