Digital humanities

DHd-Blog Current developments, projects, tools, services and job postings in the Digital Humanities in the German-speaking world

dh_unibe Zotero group library of the Digital Humanities University of Bern

DARIAH-DE Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities

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Public Zotero Group Library of Digital Humanities at the University of Bern.
Public group library of the DARIAH-DE project.
International web-based community for medievalists.
Not only for art history! Exposes topics related to digital images around the Digital Humanities.
Beginner-friendly, quotable method descriptions, text collections and tools - from digitization and annotation to interpretation and visualization of literature, additional materials for self-learning and teaching at university and school.
Overview of the growing range of teaching activities in the digital humanities worldwide.
Not only for historians! Open Access Journal with selected, peer-reviewed online lessons.
Initiative to create a digital research infrastructure for the humanities and cultural sciences.
Digital research infrastructure for language resources in the humanities and social sciences.