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Lecture series in November 2021

Archives of the World Wide Web: How to access the internet of the past

9th November 2021

Dr. Nuria Plattner

Subject librarian, University Library Bern

Reference management with EndNote 20: What's old, what's new?

10th November 2021

Dr. Marc von Gernler

Subject librarian, University Library Bern

Adobe Stock for Bern University: Make your presentations and communications visually appealing with stock images

17th November 2021

Stefan Grosjean

Medical Library, University Library Bern

Altmetrics: Follow your research output in social media and news

23rd November 2021

Michelle Schaffer and Aline Frank

Medical and Science Libraries, University Library Bern

How to promote your research on Instagram? Dos and don’ts of individual science communication

30th November 2021

Gino Caspari

IAW, University of Bern

Lecture series in June 2021

Predatory Publishing: Shedding light on the deceptive publishing industry

1st June 2021

Anna Severin

PhD candidate at GHS, University of Bern and SNSF

Journal of visualized experiments (JoVE): How to use it for your research and teaching in the life sciences

2nd June 2021

Dr. Aline Frank

Subject librarian for biology, University Library Bern

Open Knowledge Maps: A free and open search engine to create visual overviews of research topics

9th June 2021

Silvan Christen

Subject librarian for geography and geology, University Library Bern

Post publication peer review: A chance to improve the publication process and scientific literature quality?

23rd June 2021

Dr. Nuria Plattner

Subject librarian for mathematics, physics, astronomy, computer science and technology, University Library Bern

The SNSF’s ChronosHub pilot project: A new way to manage your publications from submission to open access and reporting

24th June 2021

Dr. Andrea Hacker

Open Science team, University Library Bern

Data Visualization: Excel versus Python. When to use which approach?

29th June 2021

Dr. Michael Horn

Subject librarian for chemistry, biochemistry and natural sciences in general, University Library Bern