BibTeX is recommended for creating citations and bibliographies in documents that are created with LaTeX text processing. BibTeX is free of charge and Open Source and is part of the usual LaTeX standard installations (e.g. MikTex for Windows, MacTex for Mac, TeX Live for Linux). Bibliographical data is managed in a .bib file, which can be created and modified with various literature management programs. The Open Source software JabRef is ideal for BibTeX files. JabRef runs independently of any platform and on all common operating systems. 


  • Create and manage a BibTeX-database with JabRef
  • Basic functions
  • Manual entry of literature references
  • Import from external sources
  • Import/export from other literature management programs
  • Manage PDF files
  • Use BibTeX
  • Cite sources
  • Create a literature directory
  • BibTeX styles


  • Basic knowledge of LaTeX text processing

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