University Library of Bern UB


On the one hand, the University Library Bern (UB Bern) provides researchers, teaching staff and students at the university with information and media. On the other, it is also the public, academic cantonal library and is thus open to everyone.

The University Library Bern was created in the merger of the former Town and University Library (StUB) with the university libraries. The University Library Bern has 33 libraries: academic field and faculty libraries as well as the Münstergasse library and the institute libraries of the University of Bern.

The library setup at the University of Bern is controlled by the Central Library Commission of the University of Bern (ZeBU).

Re-opening of the converted Münstergasse Library (former Central Library)

Opening of the vonRoll Library

Merger of the Town and University Library (StUB) and the university libraries

Takeover of the Swiss Library of Eastern Europe (SOB)

Opening of the Basisbibliothek Unitobler (BTO)

Opening of the Library of Exact Sciences (BEWI)

Opening of the Law Library (JBB)

Opening of the Departments' Library Bühlplatz (FBB)

Creation of the foundation Town and University Library (StUB) by the canton of Bern, the civic community of Bern (Burgergemeinde Bern) and the council (Einwohnergemeinde) of the city of Bern. Foundation of the Burgerbibliothek (Civic Library) Bern, which took over the manuscript and illustration departments of the old town library

Recombination of the town and university library

Division of the library into a town and university library

Library and academy (university) are separated. The city of Bern takes over the library, the canton the academy

Move to the new library premises of the converted cornhouse on Ankenwaage (current location of the Münstergasse Library)

Donation of the private library of diplomat and humanist Jacques Bongars

Foundation of the "Libery", the library of the academy (university)

"Das wissenschaftliche Bibliothekswesen Berns vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart" (The Academic Libraries of Bern from the Middle Ages to the Present). (Hans A. Michel, 1985)

Schatzkammern. 200 Jahre Bücher, Handschriften und Sammlungen im Gebäude an der Münstergasse 61-63" (Treasure Chambers. 200 Years of Books, Manuscripts and Collections in the Building on Münstergasse 61-63). (div., 1994)