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Munzinger Kritiken aus dem FILMDIENST All film reviews published in the magazine FILMDIENST since 1948, with insight into the lives and works of actresses, directors, producers and authors

Lexikon der Filmbegriffe Reference work on all areas of film technology, film aesthetics and film science

Filmdienst Portal for cinema and film reviews including the Lexikon des Internationalen Films

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Our collection in film studies can be requested through our online catalog swisscovery Universität und PH Bern. Open access holdings can be found in the following libraries:

vonRoll Library BvR

  • Introductions and basic literature in film studies and monographs on particular film genres
  • Monographs on filmmakers

Basisbibliothek Unitobler BTO

  • Film adaptations of literary works and select movies
  • Video recordings of theater productions
  • Documentaries