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Fine press books

Fine press books are key witnesses for 20th and 21st century book art. Due to their considerable cultural value, these rarities are essential items for any universal academic library collection. The catalog lists the prints available in the University Library of Bern according to the following definition:

Fine press books are bibliophilic books that have been produced since 1891 (bound, paperback or in single sheets) as limited editions in the book trade or private ownership. They contain texts and illustrations at times (original graphics or reproductions) and are often numbered or signed by hand. The term "fine press books" covers both hand pressed books and books illustrated by means of photo mechanical processes. It does not include single-leaf prints, loose-leaf editions, portfolios (without text), non-bibliophilic private prints and printed books, specimens of non-limited normal editions or facsimiles.

Learn more about fine press books in Albert Spindler: Pressendrucke des deutschen Sprachraums seit 1945. Eine Bibliographie, Hamburg: Merlin, 1988, BeM ZB LSW Allg-406 Spin