Finding OA Journals

You can find Open-Access-Journals that are most suited for your publication with the following tools and databases: 

Untrustworthy journals  are known as “predatory journals”. They provide an unsatisfactory service – or none at all – in return for publication fees. Such journals are usually easy to identify: their websites are full of spelling mistakes, they promise an unrealistic turn-around from submission to publication (including peer-review) and/or they aggressively try to attract submissions. However, some predatory journals are better at hiding their shady nature. For instance, their web presence may be flawless or they may give the name of a renowned scientist as the editor, even though the latter knows nothing about it.

Predatory journals checklist

Consult this checklist to help you evaluate (OA) journals.

Coffee lectures on predatory journals and conferences

If you and your colleagues would like to learn more - the Open Science Team offers Coffee Lectures on the topic. If you are interested, contact us at

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