Slavic Languages and Literatures

Opening hours


The Slavic Languages and Literatures Library is part of the Unitobler Libraries

The Slavic Languages and Literatures Library is primarily intended for members of the university, students and other specialists. Other interested persons are requested to register beforehand.

For general information about infrastructure, borrowing and returning, courier, information and research assistance please visit the website of the Unitobler Libraries.


  • 26 long-term work spaces principally for students of the institute (registration required)
  • 6 locker cabinets (registration required)
  • 2 online catalog terminals (in the institute, B 343)
  • 1 self-lending terminal
  • 1 collaborative work space (in the institute, B 347)

Library introductions

A library introduction is provided for all new students at the start of each fall semester, open to other interested individuals. Dates are published via the Slav List. Registration: Institute of Slavic Languages and Literatures.

Bibliothek Slavistik

Collections in the fields of:

  • literature on Old Church Slavonic
  • specialized literature on Slavic languages and literature in Slavic languages
  • dictionaries of all Slavic languages
  • primary literature in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Polish, Russian, and Czech
  • academic journals

We use the scientific Slavic transliteration in which each Cyrillic letter is replaced by a Roman character. Diacritical signs can be omitted when searching the catalog.


Subject librarian