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Geographic scope:

  • Successor states to the Soviet Union (especially the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic states)
  • East Central Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary
  • South East Europe: Successor states to Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania


Thematic scope (current and historical collections):

  • History of Central, South Eastern and Eastern European countries and peoples in the twentieth century
  • Documentation of transformation processes in postcommunist Europe since 1989/1991
  • Manuals and study literature on the history of Eastern Europe since the Middle Ages
  • Analyses of Eastern Europe as a sub-region of Europe spanning all periods


Historical and special collections of the SOB:

  • Cartography, historic maps and travel descriptions of Eastern Europe (especially Russia) from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries (Rossica Europeana special collection)
  • Russian emigration to Switzerland 1850-1920 (special collections of Davos Library and Société de bienfaisance de Leysin, various individual rare collections)
  • History of the Swiss Eastern Institute (SOI) and Swiss Library of Eastern Europe in the context of the history of the anti-communist movement in Switzerland in the twentieth century

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As Switzerland's largest specialist library devoted to the contemporary history of Eastern Europe, the SOB regularly receives both smaller and larger donations that supplement and enhance its collections. Should you also wish to donate books to the SOB, please contact us by mail or phone.