Rossica Europeana

The "Rossica Europeana" collection documents Russia as portrayed in (Western) European publications, maps and illustrations from Early Modern times to the turn of the 20th century. It comprises about 1500 printed works - travelogues, historical, regional, cultural and ethnographic descriptions of Russia - which show the changing perceptions of Russia by Western Europe. In addition, the collection also includes around 500 geographic maps of Russia and Eastern Europe from the same period as well as graphic prints, pictures and a few autographs which are currently being catalogued. The collection can be found in our catalogue under the call number "SOB RoEu".

The "Rossica Europeana" collection, one of the most notable collections of its kind, was originally a private collection of Dr. Peter Sager, the founder of the Swiss Eastern Institute and the Swiss Library of Eastern Europe. With public and private financial support it was acquired for the Swiss Library of Eastern Europe in 2005.