Protestant Theology

Opening hours

The Protestant Theology Library is part of the Unitobler Libraries

The Library for Protestant Theology is intended for lecturers, assistants and students of the Faculty of Theology, theologians and other interested individuals.

For general information about the infrastructure, borrowing and returning, courier, information and research assistance please visit the website of the Unitobler Libraries.


  • 50 work spaces (some of which long-term work spaces principally for the students of the Faculty of Theology, registration at the beginning of the semester at
  • 1 online catalog terminal
  • 1 self-lending terminal
  • 1 photocopier

Library introductions

Please contact the library staff at any time for an introduction to the library (groups are requested to register beforehand by telephone or e-mail).

Bibliothek Evangelische Theologie

Collections in the fields of:  

  • specialized literature on all fields of theology and adjacent fields
  • large non-circulating collection of reference works and journals