University Library of Bern UB


Access to e-media

The University Library of Bern provides a variety of electronic media such as e-books, e-journals and databases.
Many of these e-media are subject to a fee and would not be allowed to be made publicly accessible for licensing reasons.

In the research portal swisscovery University and PH Bern, these accesses are only displayed within the campus network, in contrast to freely accessible e-media.

The access options are described here:

Access to e-media on campus / in Bern university libraries

Access with WLAN "eduroam" (login with campus account) or "public-unibe" (code available on site)

Access to e-media outside campus - at home and on the go

  • Access with VPN client: The VPN client is installed on the computer and must be switched on in each case in order to access the e-media.
  • Access without VPN client: Another option is the SWITCHaai login (only for individual databases).

Access to some licensed databases (german website only).
Login works via the SWITCH edu-ID, which everyone can register for.

Only freely accessible e-resources are available for external guests.

Freely accessible e-media