Philosopher’s Index Specialist bibliography for philosophy since 1940 (USA) or 1967 (other countries)

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Specialist international encyclopedia with more than 2,000 entries on people and topics in philosophy

Oxford Handbooks of Philosophy Current collective volumes on individual disciplines in philosophy

Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2nd ed.) Comprehensive reference work with more than 2,100 entries on all areas of philosophy

Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics (2nd ed.) Specialist international encyclopedia, with more than 370 detailed entries on problem areas for practical ethics and its sub disciplines


Consultation hours for literature research

Our subject librarian for philosophy would be pleased to assist you in making full use of the resources of the University Library Bern:

  • Assistance in researching your topic
  • Using specialized databases
  • Help with search strategies
  • Support for working with literature management programs

Please make an appointment by e-mail. The consultation can also be made via Teams or Zoom.

For further services of our subject librarians please visit the Portal for Humanities and Theology of the University Library of Bern (in German).



Our collection in philosophy can be requested through our online catalog swisscovery Universität und PH Bern. Open access holdings can be found in the following libraries:

Library of Philosophy

  • Specialized literature on all subfields of philosophy
  • Large collection of primary and secondary literature on classical philosophers from ancient times to the current day
  • Academic journals in philosophy (current issue shelved in the library, older volumes available via swissbib Basel Bern)
  • Large collection of reference works

Basisbibliothek Unitobler BTO

  • Basic and introductory literature for students

Münstergasse Library

  • Reference works in the reading room