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Our list of commonly used tools facilitate your work and research online.

For questions and suggestions, please contact us by e-mail: tools.ub@unibe.ch

Spotlight - LibKey

Nomad & libkey.io

"Single click access" with Libkey Nomad: The browser extension provides a direct PDF link via popups "Download PDF" to, among others, licensed content on publisher websites, PubMed or Wikipedia.

Or get directly to the article you are looking for via libkey.io by DOI or PMID: the website combines information about e-journal holdings of the University of Bern, authentication and article linking to give you direct access in seconds.
The integrated "Unpaywall" function automatically finds Open Access articles as well.



Spotlight - DOAJ

Directory of Open Access Journals

The "Directory of Open Access Journals" is an international database of journals from all subject areas which are freely accessible directly on the net after publication: a central point of contact for your research.

All articles made available correspond to the current scientific standard and have been checked by peer reviews. The aim of the website is to strengthen visibility, access and impact factor of Open Access publications.

Further information on Open Science and scientific publishing at the University of Bern can be found here.



Don’t Spend Your Life Searching!

Lean Library - your library in your browser

Due to technical difficulties, this tool is only available with limited functionality, presumably until early 2022.

Search Tools

Lean Library

An add-on for all common browsers except Explorer. It helps to get to full texts faster via Google, PubMed and various databases.


Journals of Bern University Library at a glance: practically browse, save and organise your favourite journals and articles from our collection.

Open Access Button

With this Open Source metasearch engine for Open Access articles you can easily get around paywalls or request access from registered authors.

LibKey Nomad

Add-on for all popular browsers that generates links to full texts, which are licensed by the university library or freely available online.

Open Knowledge Maps

To get a quick overview of a specific topic: Open Knowledge Maps shows related research and the most important papers on it.


This metasearch engine for Open Access articles is enriched with a lot of additional data, grants free access and has a useful recommendation tool.


This browser extension provides access to full texts for open access articles (signaled by a lock icon on the right side of the screen).

Google Scholar Button

This add-on allows you search directly from a web page in Google Scholar, find full texts and export references. Not available for Safari.

Reference Management

Courses at Berne University: Comparison of Reference Management Software


Free of charge and easy to use: This reference and literature management program for all operating systems is perfect for beginners.


Reference management, bibliography and research tool in one package: this software is best used for advanced applications.


From a simple citation to a complete bibliography: including a function for knowledge organization. Not available for Mac.


This free literature management software for all operating systems comes with an integrated "Team Plan" that simplifies collaboration.