Digital Scholarship

The term Digital Scholarship refers to the use of digital, data-driven methods like data analysis, machine learning and big data technologies which are opening up new research methodologies in all disciplines. UB Bern provides support by making data and tools available, educating and offering guidance on their use, and also conducting its own data-driven projects.



The Nexis Data Lab is a platform that makes LexisNexis media content available for text and data mining (TDM). The text collection comprises contemporary and historic news reports from 200,000 sources in over 100 countries. Up to 100,000 documents can be analysed concurrently as a corpus. The platform offers an online Jupyter Notebook environment and simple scripts to get started with TDM. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in using Nexis Data Labs.


Tools for data processing, digital analysis methods and TDM

Application Programming Interfaces

Information on providers' interfaces for data access

What we offer

Consulting, coffee lectures, workshops and input, documentation, long-term digital archiving

Data sources for text and data mining

Free and licensed text and data mining (TDM) resources

Linked open data and data enrichment

Data enrichment and georeferencing projects