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The Linguistics Library is part of the Unitobler Library.

The Linguistics Library is open to the public, but its collections and services are primarily tailored to the needs of members of the university and students.

For general information about infrastructure, borrowing and returning, courier, information and research assistance please visit the website of the Unitobler Library.


  • 22 long-term work spaces which can be rented for one semester; 18 of them come with additional carcasses.
    Further information on renting work spaces and carcasses can be found here.
    Requests for work spaces and carcasses can be made using the following form.
  • 2 day work spaces for free use
  • 1 online catalog terminal
  • 1 self-lending terminal

Library introductions

Library introductions are offered as part of courses as well as on request.

The subject librarian for general and comparative linguistics Katja Staub offers tutorials on subject-specific research.

Bibliothek Sprachwissenschaft

The holdings of the Linguistics Library consists of around 51'000 books, which are organised by subject group in the open access area (call number plan). It is mainly specialised literature on general and historical-comparative linguistics. The collection focuses on theoretical subjects of linguistics such as phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics, dialectology, typology, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics with multilingualism research and psycholinguistics with a special focus on studies of language acquisition. In the field of historical-comparative linguistics, the focus lies on individual and overall grammatical representations of Indo-European languages, works and dictionaries on the languages and dialects of Iran and the Caucasus and on Tibeto-Burmese and other South and Southeast Asian languages.

The latest issues of current journals are available in the foyer.

The entire collection is listed in swisscovery University and PH Bern.