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Mittelstrasse Library is open to the public; its services and collections are intended to meet students' and faculty's needs.


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Introduction and Consultancy

  • Assistance and information from library staff during service hours
  • Library introductions and introductions to literature research in the library catalogue swisscovery for groups (upon request via E-Mail)
  • Individual, subject-specific library introductions with Actionbound App (in German. Starting point at the service desk)
  • Coffee Lectures: short tutorials on how to work in the humanities and social sciences
  • Portal Theology and Humanities to support your studies, research and teaching (in German)
  • Subject specific support by subject librarians: complex research tasks, database search, search strategies, scientific writing and publishing, reference management and citation


Mittelstrasse Library is an open access library and comprises around 200,000 documents on the following subjects:  

  • prehistory and early history of Europe
  • archaeology of the Roman Provinces in Europe and Northwest Africa
  • Swiss medieval archaeology, experimental archaeology und museum science
  • art and culture of Greek and Roman Antiquity
  • art and culture of the Etruscans
  • bilingual editions of ancient authors
  • Near Eastern Archaeology (from India to the Mediterranean and from Southern Russia to the Arab Peninsula with a special focus on Iraq, Syria and Turkey) from the beginning of the Epipalaeolithic to the end of the Ancient Oriental Empires
  • cuneiform writing with emphasis on Sumerian and Akkadian
  • specialized literature in all fields of art history and architecture
  • source texts and encyclopedias (on-site use)
  • journals (latest 10 volumes, on-site use)
  • rare books (16th-19th centuries, on-site use)
  • basic literature on gender studies and various other disciplines
  • classical and recent works of women’s and gender studies
  • special emphasis on the topics of gender and development, gender and governance, women's rights and human rights, sustainable development and migration
  • literature on all fields of musicology including cultural anthropology of music
  • collection focus: European music theater, opera of the 19th century
  • music: complete editions of individual composers, memorial and series editions, scores, study scores, piano scores
  • sound archive (on-site use, restricted opening hours)
  • literature on sustainable development
  • scientific and interdisciplinary literature on all aspects of sustainable development
  • books and e-books, journals (print and online) and DVDs
  • specialized literature in all fields of theater (drama, opera, operetta, musical, dance), including puppet theater, cabaret, variety shows, circus, showmanship and theater-related traditions
  • reference works and journals (on-site use)

All media are listed in the swisscovery Universität und PH Bern online catalog.

You can submit acquisition suggestions via electronic form.

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Subject librarians

Book a librarian: Research consultation

Our subject librarians would be pleased to assist you in making full use of the resources of the University Library Bern:

  • assistance in researching your topic
  • using specialized databases
  • help with search strategies
  • help with open access publication
  • information about open science

Please arrange an appointment via e-mail

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